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Since its inception, the activity of Flumen has conributed to the construction of several experimental infrastructures in the field and laboratories, such as:

  • Scaled models laboratory, 2000 m2 surface and 0,6 m3/s of available discharge

  • Hydraulic and Fluid Mechanics laboratory, 800 m2 surface and 0.25m3/s of available discharge

  • Dams and river reach instrumentation and monitoring for the study of their hydrodynamics and thermal processes.

  • Urban drainage networks instrumentation and monitoring for hydrodynamic behaviour studies

  • Field network for the adquisition of hydrometeorological variables in the Doñana Marshland



Study platform for recording hydrodinamic and hydrometeorological data in dams

Hydrometeorological data collected in the Doñana marshlands

Hydrodynamic behaviour studies for the spillway of the l'Albagés dam



Hydrodynamic behaviour studies for stepped spillways without lateral walls

PAC - UPC (Control Algorithm Test Channel)

Pedestrian stability under urban flood conditions in streets

Car stability under flood conditions in streets




Using remote sensing for the study on hydrodynamic and termal behaviour of water bodies. Spatial and temporal evolution of floods in the Doñana marshlands

Hydraulic design of the inlet/outlet structure for the hydraulic reversible power plant of Montenegre